Kyrgios Slams 'Unqualified People With Zero Achievements' Giving Him Advice

Kyrgios Slams 'Unqualified People With Zero Achievements' Giving Him Advice

by Zachary Wimer

Nick Kyrgios has never been afraid to speak his mind, and he certainly didn't mind doing that recently when people were giving him their opinions.

The Australian is away from the sport right now, as he last played in June of last year in Stuttgart, Germany. Even before that lone match in Stuttgart, Kyrgios was away from the sport because of continued physical issues that have plagued him during his career.

He's never been one to grind out hours in the gym, though he's gotten more into it in recent years. It convinced him with his best season on the ATP Tour, and that was hardly a surprise.

Unfortunately, injuries prevented him from building upon that, but he's working hard to return to the sport. One thing that annoys him, though, during his recovery is people giving him advice, particularly people who presumably don't have any experience when it comes to tennis.

As a player who reached the Wimbledon final two years ago, Kyegios obviously knows what to do on a tennis court. He's an athlete, and he's been working on his craft for many years, so when somebody who doesn't have his experience comes out with advice, Kyrgios finds it laughable, and he shared that on an Instagram story recently.

"Good bro! All these unqualified people with zero achievements and skill online giving their 2 sense on social media about gym and how to live are really inspiring me."

Kyrgios on Instagram

Kyrgios has never been not to go against the hive while speaking his mind. During his time away from the tennis courts, he has also started recording his own podcast 'Good Trouble with Nick Kyrgios', and his occasional Q and A sessions on Instagram aren't any less entertaining, as the Australian never shies away from speaking his mind.


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