'I'll Never Put It On Social Media': Sinner Wants To Keep Dating Life Private

'I'll Never Put It On Social Media': Sinner Wants To Keep Dating Life Private

by Nurein Ahmed

Jannik Sinner gave a nonchalant interview regarding his private life and stated that it will always remain that way - private.

As the 22-year-old steps up his preparations for this year's US Open, where Sinner is one of the frontrunners to win his maiden Grand Slam title, he spoke about non-tennis topics regarding his love life with Italy's La Repubblica.

Sinner is reportedly dating social media influencer and fashion model Maria Braccini, his girlfriend for the past three years, as per multiple sources from his home country. But Sinner hasn't verified nor confirmed the authenticity of these reports.

A couple of days ago, however, he set the record straight. Sinner understands his private life is the subject of intense scrutiny from media and fans, but he intends to keep it that way and not flaunt it on social media by posting pictures every day he wakes up. As per Ubitennis, Sinner is quoted saying:

"If I'm with a girl or not, I will never put it on social media because I want to keep my private life private. I don't need to post a picture in the morning to show everyone that I'm engaged, or that I'm not. Social media is a means for the sport I partake in, not for my private life. I've never posted a picture with my parents, maybe with my brother once."

Sinner preferred not to give any details, adding that it would kindle a circus on the media. Nevertheless, his priorities right now are channeled towards winning the US Open. Sinner is happy with the subtle improvements driven by his coaching team after breaking the world's top 10 this year and currently sits at a career-high mark of No. 6.

"I think I've grown a lot, especially this last year: we've done many things differently, invested in the physical part, but also in the purely technical part because I have many things in which I need to grow and we know it."

"We've worked a lot on the service, but we're also changing two, three other little things. But the most important thing now is to work hard, in quality and quantity. Then, of course, I'm number six in the world and it's an excellent result."


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