'I Get Tired Of Saying My Hardships': Nadal Refuses To Comment On Injuries

'I Get Tired Of Saying My Hardships': Nadal Refuses To Comment On Injuries

by Zachary Wimer

Rafael Nadal has grown a bit tired of talking about his hardships constantly because people expect him to update them weekly on how things are going.

There is nothing Nadal wants more right now than to play tennis. He will seemingly get the chance to do so at the ATP 500 event in Barcelona when he attempts another comeback against Flavio Cobolli, but nobody, including him, knows how it will go.

It might go really well, or it might go badly, as the past two attempts went. He doesn't know, and it's not something he can really predict, either. The last few years have been tough for him, especially with people expecting constant updates on his injury problems.

During the press conference in Barcelona, he admitted that he grew a bit tired of all of that.

" In my statement, when I was eliminated from Monte Carlo, I said I couldn't play. I don't feel like saying I have a problem here or a problem there. I get tired of saying my hardships. The worst thing that can happen is that I can't play again. Do I know what can happen again?"

Nadal on talking about hardships

Providing updates isn't that huge of a problem for the Spaniard, but it's not very productive. Things are too fluid and change all the time, so what might be true one week doesn't have to be true the next week.

Dealing with injuries was bad enough, and it's been quite tough for Nadal. He admitted it more than once and summarised that he plays when he can—it's as simple as that.

"They have been two difficult years. I come from a major hip operation and when that happens it is difficult because things happen in the body. When you can, you can, and when you can't, you can't."

Nadal on his injury struggle


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