Holger Rune Appoints Boris Becker As New Coach Shortly After Mouratoglou Split

Holger Rune Appoints Boris Becker As New Coach Shortly After Mouratoglou Split

by Evita Mueller

Not even a month after going back to his former coach, Holger Rune is already hiring a new coach, and it's Boris Becker.

The writing was on the wall after images of Becker overseeing Rune's practice in Monaco recently surfaced online, and it was Rune himself who posted those images, creating a lot of speculation.

The German coach himself confirmed the news to Eurosport in an exclusive interview, admitting that it's only for the rest of 2023, so in essence, it's just a trial. He also confirmed that contacts were in place for a while before the mutual decision was made.

I can confirm that I am Holger Rune's coach. It makes me a little proud that he asked me. The contact has existed for a long time. Now it was a very good fit.

Rune obviously worked with Patrick Mouratoglou for almost a year, splitting recently amid clashes between Mouraotglou and the rest of his team. The atmosphere clearly impacted Rune, as he has only one win in the last 11 matches he played.

The most recent match was the one in Stockholm, which he also lost, but he played some of the best tennis he played in months, which is a positive sign. He's fighting for a spot at the ATP Finals, and Becker joins the team to help him do that.

Holger then invited me to a training week in Monte-Carlo. I also had a long chat there with his mother Aneke and his performance coach Lapo Becherini. The three of us are responsible for Holger from now on. Unfortunately, I can't be at the tournament in Stockholm this week because of previously arranged appointments.

But I will be there in Basel at the latest, and afterwards, I will play Paris-Bercy with Holger - and hopefully help him to qualify for the Nitto ATP Finals in Turin. That is the big goal and that is the task.


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