'Gold Medal From Olympics' Over Grand Slam In 2024 For Alcaraz

'Gold Medal From Olympics' Over Grand Slam In 2024 For Alcaraz

by Zachary Wimer

This upcoming year could be a huge one for Carlos Alcaraz, with many events up for grabs, but his priorities are set.

The Spaniard is hopeful of a really strong 2024, and after beating Novak Djokovic in the Riyadh Season exhibition recently, he should be quite confident about achieving some big things.

2023 was a pretty good year for him, but the appetite is higher for this upcoming season, with his sights set on a few things. Surprisingly or not, the main goal for the Spaniard won't be winning a Grand Slam trophy but actually the Paris Olympics.

It makes sense because the event comes around every four years, and this is likely the only time in his career that he'll see them played on clay, which is arguably his best surface.

He spoke about his goals recently, admitting that his overall goal is to win gold at the Olympics as well as a Grand Slam, but if he was forced to choose only one out of the two, it would be the gold medal.

Win another Grand Slam and a Medal at the Olympics. If I have to choose only one, winning the Gold Medal in Paris.

Alcaraz on his 2024 goals

He looked really strong at this year's Roland Garros but couldn't move past Novak Djokovic, at least not with the bad cramps he endured. This upcoming season will give him another chance at that, two chances, actually.

He'll first have the Roland Garros earlier in the year and then the Olympics. He will want to play singles and doubles at the Olympics, possibly even with Rafael Nadal.

In short, there will be many chances to win some big events, but it will mostly depend on him actually delivering on the court.

He has a good track record with that but has also disappointed quite a few times, so we'll have to wait and see.


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