Felix Auger-Aliassime Pauses Collaboration With Coach Toni Nadal

Felix Auger-Aliassime Pauses Collaboration With Coach Toni Nadal

by Zachary Wimer

Felix Auger-Aliassime has been working with Toni Nadal for the past few years, but they're not actively working together anymore, even though they keep in touch.

After some below-average weeks on the ATP Tour, Auger-Alaissime found his best tennis at the 2024 Madrid Open. He's been playing amazing tennis all week and has been stunning a couple of really strong players along the way.

The semi-final spot was ensured after Jannik Sinner withdrew ahead of their match, and it's just been a good run for him. It comes without Toni Nadal, though, as the Spanish coach is not an active part of his coaching team anymore.

He confirmed this in talks with the media in the Spanish capital, admitting they still talk from time to time.

"For now, I'm just traveling with this team. My coach, Frederic, has been with me throughout this tournament, with my physio, my friends and my hitting partner. My father has also accompanied me more this year, on the indoor tour and in Monte Carlo and Munich."

The experiment with Nadal, who almost solely coached only his nephew, Rafael Nadal, before, has been interesting because, at times, the Canadian played really solid tennis. Other times, he struggled to produce the best results, and that's maybe why he chose to return to the old setup.

"My father offers help too and he will be with me at Roland Garros. Toni and I remain in contact, but he is no longer an active part of my team nor does he travel with me. He has always been a great voice and a great addition from the outside with a lot of experience, but he is not actively with us this week."

Technically, Toni Nadal is now without a protege, and there are certainly a few interesting players looking for an experienced coach on the ATP Tour at the moment.


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