Alcaraz Uncertain About Nadal's Team-Up Proposal Prior To Olympic Games

Alcaraz Uncertain About Nadal's Team-Up Proposal Prior To Olympic Games

by Zachary Wimer

Carlos Alcaraz spoke about possibly teaming up with Rafael Nadal at the Olympics, admitting that it's a goal for both of them.

A lot has been said about Alcaraz and Nadal's potential team-up at the Olympics. Many assume they could do a lot of damage and possibly win a medal, and it seems they would agree.

Both of them expressed interest in teaming up and have spoken about it recently. Alcaraz admitted it recently when discussing comments made by Nadal, who said that playing a preparation event together wouldn't be a bad idea.

Alcaraz is not that certain of that proposal, but he is certain that they will team up for the Olympic Games if everything goes according to plan.

"Well, we spoke a little bit about it. Yeah, we spoke that it would be great if we play a tournament before the Olympics Game, but it's going to be difficult. You know, in clay next is going to be Rome and Roland Garros, and I think both tournaments are really important for us in the single, and we are not going that better conditions physically."

"It's going to be difficult to play a tournament before Olympics Games, but it could be great. As I said many times, if everything goings well, we are going to play doubles in the Olympics Game. But until that, we have a lot of weeks before the Olympics."

There are going to be a couple of clay events leading up to the Olympic Games, such as the Bastad Open, where Jannik Sinner confirmed his participation. That's one of the tournaments where they could compete together in doubles prior to the Olympics.

However, playing at the Italian Open in Rome or the Roland Garros seems very unlikely, not only based on assumptions, but also according to Alcaraz.


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