'Everything I Did Was Easy': Alcaraz Confident After Beating Tsitsipas At Roland Garros

'Everything I Did Was Easy': Alcaraz Confident After Beating Tsitsipas At Roland Garros

by Kadir Macar

Carlos Alcaraz will be entering the Novak Djokovic semi-final at Roland Garros with plenty of confidence after his stunning level against Stefanos Tsitsipas.

Carlos Alcaraz has been mentioned as the favourite for Roland Garros alongside Novak Djokovic from the start and we'll get to see that matchup in the semi-final. Djokovic took down Khachanov to book a spot there while the Spaniard smashed Tsitispas to get there.

The 19-year-old asserted himself pretty early on in that match against Tsitsipas never really losing control of it. It looked a bit shaky at the end of the third set but that was due to him losing his focus a bit, which he admitted after the match.

For much of the match, Alcaraz looked like a player who was doing everything so effortlessly, and in some ways it truly was. Asked about making everything look easy, Alcaraz confirmed with a smile that it was kind of easy.

Well, yeah, today I would say everything that I did, it was easy. It seems easy for, I would say, for everyone, even for me, as well. You know, I try to do it simple for me. Every shot that I'm making in the match means that I'm really comfortable on that shot. I feel great. I feel that every time that I make that shot, it gonna be in. So it's simple for me, as well.

Watching a player who is very good play tennis is just a satisfying experience. It's pretty much the same as watching anybody who is good at anything doing that said thing. Alcaraz did confirm that his effortless tennis playing is the only effortless thing about him though.

Yeah, outside the court, I'm not really good at anything else. You know, just -- I don't know.

On the topic of watching, Alcaraz was further notified about a situation a journalist noticed after the match. While the event staff was cleaning up after the match, the highlights were shown on the various screens around and everybody stopped to watch. The rising star described the situation as great.

Well, it feels great, you know, to know that everybody wants to watch my match, my tennis. As I said before, I'm enjoying playing tennis, but of course I try to make the people enjoy watching tennis. Not only my match. I always make the people introduce into tennis, you know, and I would say I'm making that, and for me it's amazing. I'm really, really happy for that.


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