Djokovic's 'Tennis From Another World' Makes Him the GOAT, According to Petkovic

Djokovic's 'Tennis From Another World' Makes Him the GOAT, According to Petkovic

by Alex Waite

Novak Djokovic has Andrea Petkovic's backing as the greatest men's player of all time as she revealed recently.

Djokovic continued his pursuit of a 24th career Grand Slam at Wimbledon by cruising past Jannik Sinner in a one-sided, straight-sets victory in the semi-final. The win helped Djokovic to reach his ninth Wimbledon final and the Serbian is also competing for a fifth consecutive tournament win at the All England Club.

Another win at Wimbledon would add to Djokovic's 2023 achievements at the Australian Open and Roland Garros, as the world number two remains in the hunt for an esteemed calendar Grand Slam too. Due to his recent achievements, and his longevity in the men's game, Petkovic, in an interview with Telegraf, was full of praise for Djokovic for the way he has approached recent Grand Slams.

"When he was playing in Australia, I already saw tennis from another world even then. I know he had an injury there, but when he played, I had the feeling that he was the best Novak I had ever seen. It doesn't surprise me at all that he wins so much and is so dominant."

Petkovic told Telegraf

"All those things that we thought were weird when we were 19, 20 years old, meditation, yoga, nutrition, it's paying off now. He is 36 years old, his colleagues can't do it anymore, but he still can. Psychological power is natural, hard to imitate, so I see very high chances for him... Very low chances for others!,"

Moreover, Petkovic feels there is no debate left to have about who the greatest-ever men's player is. The former German player said Djokovic has had less impact on tennis than his contemporaries, such as Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, but she believes the Serbian is the best in terms of ability and achievement.

"If you look at them, not only has he won the most Grand Slams and Masters, not only has he spent the most weeks ranked as No. 1... I don't understand the discussion. If you ask the question, who has influenced tennis the most in 2,000 years, then it's OK. But that's not the question. The question is who is the greatest of all time, who is the GOAT, and that is Nole."


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