Djokovic May 'Feel Relieved' After Australian Open Loss To Sinner Says Mouratoglou

Djokovic May 'Feel Relieved' After Australian Open Loss To Sinner Says Mouratoglou

by Zachary Wimer

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Patrick Mouratoglou chimed in following Novak Djokovic's loss to Jannik Sinner, claiming he might be relieved because of it.

The Serbian failed to defend his Australian Open trophy because Jannik Sinner beat the Serbian in the semi-final. It was a devastating loss for Djokovic, who was unsure how to feel afterward.

Many were surprised by how he took the loss because it looked like he was unsure. He admitted to being shocked by his level but noted tennis coach Patrick Mouratoglou thinks it might do him good.

Mouratoglou spoke about it on his Instagram page, admitting that it was one of the worst matches Djokovic played, which shows how heavy it weighed on him.

"I would not be surprised if Novak would feel relieved after his loss vs Sinner. He didn’t realise how heavy that was on his shoulders. It was the worst match I think I have seen from him. He was definitely not there, on that court, that day."

Another thing Mouraotglou spoke about was that Djokovic would never keep the run going forever. He hasn't lost in Melbourne since 2018 and has won 10 trophies there.

That's not something you can keep up for long. It was too much pressure anyway, and he'll get over it with time.

"Think about it, he didn’t lose one match at the Australian Open since 2018, he had never lost a Semi-Final there, he won 10 titles there. Can he continue on that trend? No, it’s too much, it’s too much pressure."

The Olympics are played later this year, and that's one thing he's missing in his career. It is certainly something he can motivate himself with.

"I’ve seen that, even in Champions, when there’s too much pressure, sometimes they need to fail, and, in a way, they feel relieved. Now he’s probably too disappointed, but in a few days…"


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