Djokovic Feeling 'Embarrassed' To Admit He Targets Title Win At French Open

Djokovic Feeling 'Embarrassed' To Admit He Targets Title Win At French Open

by Zachary Wimer

Novak Djokovic's goal for the 2024 Roland Garros is to win it, even though he's embarrassed by that in light of how he has played so far.

The Serbian didn't play a lot of events this year which contributes to the fact that his record in 2024 stands only at 14-6. His record in a vacuum looks decent, considering that he only played a few events, but when compared to the record he had at this stage last year (20-4), there is a. clear drop-off.

In fact, his sixth loss last year came only against Jannik Sinner at the ATP Finals. It's also part of why he was embarrassed to admit that winning Roland Garros was his goal.

Everything we saw from him this year doesn't really signal 'Grand Slam favourite,' but he's the 24-time major winner nonetheless. No one can just dismiss him, as he proved that he can win when no one expects him to many times before.

"It's tough to talk about. It's very subjective (smiling). You know, I almost feel a bit embarrassed to say what my expectations are. You know, anything but a title for me is not satisfactory, you know."

"So it always has been like that. I know, you know, it might sound arrogant to a lot of people, but I think I have the career that backs it up."

Djokovic still has that magic aura about him, the aura of a champion. His court performance hasn't been great recently, but his level looked better in Geneva.

With a few matches in Paris, it's not unthinkable for him to go deep in the event. He is taking it match by match because, per his own admission, it's too much for him to think ahead.

"My hopes and goals are always the same, but I have to lower the expectations. When I say that I mean, maybe not thinking too much ahead in advance in terms of the tournament and who I might face in the later rounds, but really taking it day by day, step by step, and really building my game. Because that's what I have really been struggling with, not really playing in a consistently good level."


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