Raducanu Explains Perks And Pressures Of Being Photogenic As Tennis Player

Raducanu Explains Perks And Pressures Of Being Photogenic As Tennis Player

by Erik Virostko

Emma Raducanu is not successful only on the tennis court but also away from it, often striking various brand deals.

The British player rose to stardom in 2022 when she, seemingly out of nowhere, won her first major title at the US Open. Since then, she couldn't get close to getting close to another Grand Slam title, as she couldn't get past the second round at a major.

Still, that didn't stop sponsors from being really interested in Raducanu. In 2023, she was one of the richest athletes in the world, earning $15 million from endorsement deals, more than the likes of Rafael Nadal, Coco Gauff, Naomi Osaka, and Iga Swiatek.

While all of the brand deals come mostly because she's a successful tennis player, the 21-year-old is very photogenic, often smiling on the front page of various magazines.

It's also thanks to that, that the British player attracts so many sponsors. Speaking recently to The Times, Raducanu was asked about if "being good-looking" helped her in her tennis career, or whether it was more of a hindrance.

"Thank you. I think that I am fortunate in that regard, you have to deal with the cards you are dealt. I may have that card, but I don’t have others."

Even when speaking about such flattering topic, the British player remains very humble, showing that she's fully aware that while she may one up some of her colleagues in one thing, it doesn't have to be the same in the other, such as staying healthy.

Injuries are something that Raducanu failed to avoid in her career so far, something many of her colleagues on the WTA Tour have been more successful in doing.

Still, those sponsorships, which include Porsche, Vodafone, Dior, and also British Airways, help Raducanu also in her tennis career, as it's the partnership with the British airline that helps her to travel from one tournament to the other.

"I pinch myself a lot of the time, but travelling in comfort with BA with my job is extremely helpful. I spend half my life at the airport and I have already lost seven days of the year in the air."


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