Zverev 'Considered Innocent' Despite Having Trial During Roland Garros Says Tournament Director

Zverev 'Considered Innocent' Despite Having Trial During Roland Garros Says Tournament Director

by Zachary Wimer

Roland Garros tournament director Amelie Mauresmo declared that Alexander Zverev is considered innocent when asked about him playing at an event while on trial.

There is a minor controversy at Roland Garros this year revolving around Zverev and his trial back home in Germany. The German confirmed earlier that he wasn't going to attend his trial in person because he wants to focus on his season on the ATP Tour.

The trial is going on because Zvevev appealed a judge's decision to fine him 450,000 Euros after his abuse allegations, but the German doesn't plan to attend it in person.

Some suggested that he shouldn't be allowed to compete while he's on trial, similar to how players are not allowed to compete while trying to clear their name from a doping allegation.

It's not a one-for-one comparison, but there are certainly connecting dots between those two scenarios. The tournament director, Amelie Mauresmo, was asked about Zverev competing at the event, and she shared her perspective on the matter, explaining that the German is still considered innocent until proven guilty.

"As long as the trial isn’t finished and there isn’t a decision, he’s considered innocent and so that’s why he’s allowed to be part of the draw."

While some would appreciate decisive steps when it comes to some decision, Zverev's ongoing trial is something that the event organizers would likely want to keep themselves out of before there is a final ruling.

Despite the ongoing trial, the German's and the vast majority of the media's attention is on his first-round match at the 2024 French Open, which will be one for the books.

He will be playing against Rafael Nadal, who is a legend at the clay-court major, and with such a blockbuster match, Zverev's trial and allegations seemingly got the back seat.


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