'Disgusted Me': Kyrgios Slammed For Engaging With Andrew Tate's Tweet

'Disgusted Me': Kyrgios Slammed For Engaging With Andrew Tate's Tweet

by Zachary Wimer

Former player Rennae Stubbs slammed Nick Kyrgios for basically agreeing with highly controversial figure Andrew Tate.

Andrew Tate started as a social media personality who held some rather shocking views about many things, most notably women. Over time, Tate evolved into a highly popular figure online.

However, he's been accused of serious crimes and even spent some time in a Romanian jail. While not convicted yet, many agree that he's not the type of person that people want to be associated with.

Still, Kyrgios kind of did when he agreed with one of the views Tate expressed on social media, and former player and former coach Rennae Stubbs was not impressed.

Speaking about Kyrgios during her podcast, Stubbs was really surprised, especially because she got to talk to him during the most recent Grand Slam when Kyrgios did commentary for Eurosport and ESPN.

"Oh, f*ck me. I don’t even know if it surprised me, just that it disgusted me. Nick is that kind of guy. He's such an enigma. It’s like because I spent a lot of time with him in Melbourne this year ‘cause he did a lot of work for ESPN as he did with Eurosport things, so you would have spent some time around him. He’s very pleasant to be around."

"You can really have a nice conversation with him. He becomes like a little bit of a boy, a little kid, not in a dumb way; he looks interested or wants to talk about stuff. So you think okay, ‘he's not a bad guy; Nick's a decent guy.’ And then he does stuff like that, and you're like, ‘What the h*ll, dude?."

Not only did Kyrgios agree with Tate, but he also said that he often "speaks facts", which are often perceived as highly problematic.

"This guy [Andrew Tate] is up for like rape and children and assault and trafficking children. Whatever you think, if you think he’s guilty or not guilty, you do not touch this guy. You do not go on the internet and retweet or say anything to this bro, at all."


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