Kyrgios Offering 'So Much Insight' During Commentary Says His Colleague

Kyrgios Offering 'So Much Insight' During Commentary Says His Colleague

by Zachary Wimer

Many would prefer Nick Kyrgios to play tennis at the 2024 Australian Open in Melbourne, but having him commentate on matches is not a bad consolation prize.

Kyrgios is most electric when he's swinging the racquet on a tennis court, but he's not bad as a commentator, either. One of those examples is him telling an interesting anecdote about Roger Federer and not forgetting his favorite thing to do - lambasting umpires.

His first experience with this happened not too long ago when he joined the Tennis Channel for their coverage of the ATP Finals in 2023, and he did fine. That's why Eurosport made him an offer to join their team for the Australian Open, and he happily accepted.

Eurosport analyst and former player Laura Robson was recently interviewed by Sky Sports, and she talked about many things, including working with Kyrgios. She called the experience exciting and his commentary insightful.

"It's so exciting working with Nick Kyrgios. He's been realising how long the days are on the TV side of things, which is always an eye opener. But he's got so much insight and so much to say about all the guys at the top of the game because he's played them all best of five, stuff that we would never pick up."

It's been a rather interesting experience for many fans because Robson is right. Active players like Kyrgios don't usually do this, so it's pretty amazing to see him talk about players he faced and will face when he does return.

"So it's been really interesting. There hasn't been any time for socialising! We're very happy if we leave the site any time before midnight. I think there's been one day where we finished at like 11:45pm with the night matches, so there's been zero time for dinners, zero time for anything."


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