'Careful What We Wish For': Alcaraz's Flashy Play Should Not Be Criticized Says Henman

'Careful What We Wish For': Alcaraz's Flashy Play Should Not Be Criticized Says Henman

by Zachary Wimer

Former ATP player Tim Henman is not a fan of criticizing Carlos Alcaraz's 'flashy' playstyle, as it's simply part of his identity as a player.

The young Spaniard emerged as a very flashy player, turning heads everywhere he went. It's part of why he catapulted himself to the top spots so early in his tennis career. It wasn't just about being a good player because there are plenty of good players; it was also about being exciting to watch.

Nick Kyrgios is not a player on the level of many of the Top 10 when it comes to consistency, but he always packs the stands because people want to see him. That flashy play is simply part of his identity, so Henman is careful about calling for Alcaraz to drop that part of his identity.

"We need to be careful of what we wish for."

For Henman, the 'slump' post-Wimbledon is just him not playing as disciplined as he can and should have. It's not really down to his identity as a flashy player who goes for flashy finishes but just the lack of discipline in his play, which Alcaraz also spoke about.

He mentioned being immature himself, and after all, being flashy didn't bother him last year when he won six trophies in the first half of the season. Fellow former world no. 1, Mats Wilander was the one to bring up the 'flashy' topic, wondering whether it's something that the Spaniard should change.

"In the Wimbledon final against Djokovic, he started serving for the match with a drop shot, lost it, and then hit another drop shot, winning that to hold serve. Do we want him as a fan to change that? It’s the same as Nick Kyrgios. I’d like to see him win majors, but do I want him to hit tweeners? I’m not really sure. Alcaraz is sort of similar."


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