'Couldn't Compete': Berrettini Reveals Why He Had To Stop After Mentally Difficult Challenge

'Couldn't Compete': Berrettini Reveals Why He Had To Stop After Mentally Difficult Challenge

by Evita Mueller

Despite not playing at the 2023 Davis Cup Final Eight Showdown, Matteo Berrettini is in Malaga to help cheer on his teammates.

Being present with his teammates is something that Berrettini has done last year as well. There seems to be some kind of spell on Berrettini that prevents him from playing late in the year.

It's been a few years now that he deals with some kind of injury in November, and this year was no exception. This year's injury actually happened much earlier at the US Open, but it spilled over all the way to now.

It's been a horrible season for Berrettini, who dealt with multiple injuries, causing him to play only about 26 matches this year. Some anticipated a late return this year, but the Italian wasn't ready to compete, so he pushed back the comeback to next year.

With his injury concerns, it's probably a good decision. Take as much time as you need and return only when you know you're ready. During his stay in Malaga, the Italian spoke about his injury and mental struggles along the way.

There are many, many reasons why I was really sad. First of all, obviously because I couldn't compete, which is the thing that I love to do. Then there was another thing that came in. There was that I wasn't enjoying the process of coming back, that it was, like, kind of like the key before.

Unfortunately I had many injuries, but I always found, like, kind of, not the joy, but, you know, the challenge of coming back and feeling kind of like, okay, now I put the work in. And I wasn't feeling that. When I was feeling something on my body, I was really struggling. I went down. Mentally I wasn't ready to face the challenge.

Let's hope that things go much better for him next year as he's missed on the ATP Tour.


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