Tiley Confident Nadal Will Be Fit To Make Tennis Return At 2024 Australian Open

Tiley Confident Nadal Will Be Fit To Make Tennis Return At 2024 Australian Open

by Nurein Ahmed

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Craig Tiley was bullish about Rafael Nadal finally making his comeback from injury at the 2024 Australian Open.

The Australian Open boss had previously stated that Nadal would rejoin the tour at next year's first Grand Slam of the season. Tiley's comments were greeted with an appreciation post by Nadal who thanked him for a vote of confidence.

However, the Spaniard's coaching team categorically denied making any confirmation about Nadal playing the 2024 Melbourne major. The word was that Nadal was just getting started with training after undergoing hip surgery in early June, and it was too early to make such rapid remarks.

Tiley had also come under fire for announcing the news of the two-time former Australian Open champion's participation at the event in a bid to drive ticket sales. But recent developments suggest Nadal is on the path to making his long-awaited return.

His longtime ex-coach and uncle, Toni Nadal, is optimistic that his nephew will play next year's tournament in Melbourne, having noted improvements while watching him train. And now the tournament director has issued another update about Nadal's comeback.

"Rafa has been training, I follow him closely, probably every day, because he's a massive drawcard for us. He wants to play, he's obviously planning on playing. It all depends on how he pulls up."

"Hopefully in the next week or the next two weeks, we get some specific confirmation of that. I'm certain Rafa will be here because he's not going to want to miss the opportunity to repeat what he did a couple of years ago."

Tiley was speaking like a man who knew exactly what would happen, and it is clear that he is in regular contact with the 37-year-old, and he is possibly getting positive news about his recovery and fitness. If Nadal does indeed play the Australian Open in 2024, it will mark a full calendar year since he last played on tour.


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