Bublik Reveals Shocking Reason Behind His Out-Of-Nowhere Retirement At 2022 Monte-Carlo Masters

Bublik Reveals Shocking Reason Behind His Out-Of-Nowhere Retirement At 2022 Monte-Carlo Masters

by Zachary Wimer

Alexander Bublik is quite the character, and one story he told himself paints a pretty clear picture of that.

Most tennis fans know who Alexander Bublik is and what he's famous for. He's certainly a capable player, but there are probably no players who approach tennis as loosely as he does.

He's not the only one, as something similar can be said of Daniil Medvedev, but Bublik takes it to another level. One situation in particular sticks out about how loosely he approaches his career, from Monte Carlo in 2022.

He played against Pablo Carreno Busta and simply walked off the court in the third set. It was a shocking thing to see for many fans, but Bublik finally explained what had happened.

During the UTS Christmas dinner, Bublik explained to Casper Ruud and Benoit Paire that he gave the Spaniard his word that he'd walk off if he got broke after he lost the second set.

And it's windy. Oh, my God, we're playing. I'm doing some crazy like underarms. You know what I can do against Carreno? You know, it's tough. He's in form. It was last year. I think 2022. It doesn't matter. So I'm playing. I'm leading 6-4. I'm breaking him the first game and then I have for the second break chances. Blah, blah, blah, blah. All this. 6-4, 5-4 I'm serving, we have couple of points.

He's playing better than me, but I'm winning because I'm doing some crazy shots because of course he's more stable than me. And then he's breaking me. Then I have again chances at five all to break.

Then there is a tiebreak. I'm leading the tiebreak. I'm losing the tiebreak at the end. We are crossing after the set. I'm pissed so much. And I'm telling him, if you break me in the third set. I walk off the court.

And that's what basically happened. Bublik didn't tank the match or just give up. He battled hard, but eventually, he did get broken at 3-3 in the final set, and he shook his opponent's hand and just walked off the court.

He kept his word and actually earned the praise of his coach for keeping his word. If you don't believe it, read it yourself.

He broke me at three all. I shook his hand and walked off the court. I have to keep my word as well. I'm not sure if a lot of players would do that, would keep their word if they say so. You know what, honest guy, you know what my coach said?

He said, like, you know, if you wouldn't pulled out, I would not be happy with you. Because if you said you pull out, you pull out. Yeah, but until three. Three, he was like, I was fighting. I was fighting crazy.


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