Five Reasons Why Emma Raducanu Can Rise Again In 2024

Five Reasons Why Emma Raducanu Can Rise Again In 2024

by Jordan Reynolds

Emma Raducanu has had many difficult moments, but she is capable of being successful again.

It has been more than two years since Raducanu stunned the tennis world with her famous run to the title at the US Open. She was just 18 years old at the time, and it was one of the most extraordinary achievements in tennis history.

Managing her newfound fame was never going to be easy, and that has proved to be tough for Raducanu. She has not been past the second round of a Grand Slam since, dropped out of the Top 100 on the WTA Tour, and has also been hindered by injury problems.

However, Raducanu, who was recently pushed closer to the Australian Open main draw, is capable of a renaissance in 2024. This article provides five reasons why this is possible.

5. Raducanu Feeling Mentally Refreshed

Raducanu has been sidelined since April with injury problems. She will certainly be itching to get back to playing competitively, and showcasing her best tennis.

Yet, despite the undoubted frustration she will have felt in the last eight months, the break could have done the Grand Slam champion some good. Raducanu was mostly stuck in a rut she was struggling to come out of before the injury, with the media scrutiny surrounding her results making it even harder. She can return to the court months later in a different mental state.

4. Less Pressure On Raducanu's Shoulders

There is excitement surrounding the return of a Grand Slam champion to women's tennis. But expectations are certainly lower than previously for Raducanu. The duration of time out with injury, her US Open success being over two years ago and the other young players that have risen to the top of the women's game means many do not expect as much from the Brit.

However, this could help Raducanu. The media scrutiny that surrounded her after the US Open triumph was clearly a strain. Being somewhat liberated from that attention may help her best tennis to return.

3. Raducanu Is Still So Young

It is easy to forget that Raducanu is still only 21-years-old. Some of the media coverage of her struggles in the last two years have made it seem like her entire career has been a mess since winning the US Open.

If Raducanu was in her thirties and had not won a title since Flushing Meadows, that mental baggage would be hard to recover from. But the majority of the Brit's career is still ahead of her. She can return from injury with a clean slate, and with ample opportunity to improve her game significantly.

2. Reuniting With A Childhood Coach

Raducanu is well known for frequently changing her team, and one famous coach believes this has impacted her negatively. This is a concern also voiced by others in the past.

However, Raducanu has been working with one of her childhood coaches Nick Cavaday as part of her comeback preparations. Cavaday may also join her team in Auckland and in Melbourne for the Australian Open. Returning to someone who played an important role in developing the skills that saw her win the US Open at such a young age could revitalize Raducanu.

1. Raducanu's Talent Remains

Raducanu's difficulties since the US Open run are a fact. But that does not mean her immense talent has been eroded. This is the same woman who overpowered seven opponents in a row with blistering power, especially with her two-handed backhand.

That ability is still there. It simply needs to be unlocked somehow. It is likely to take some time and hard work, but it is certainly possible for Raducanu to find it again in 2024, and silence her doubters in the process.


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