Alcaraz To 'Go To Another Level In 2024' Because Of Sinner Says Macci

Alcaraz To 'Go To Another Level In 2024' Because Of Sinner Says Macci

by Zachary Wimer

Legendary coach Rick Macci believes that Carlos Alcaraz will hit a new level in 2024 due to the rise of Jannik Sinner.

The two top young players in tennis right now are Carlos Alcaraz and Jannik Sinner. The former ascended before the latter, but right about now, many would assume they're on equal footing.

Their rivalry will likely power the sport for the next decade, and it's been a very fascinating one so far. Sinner won some matches while Alcaraz won others. As of recently, the Italian has one Grand Slam trophy compared to Alcaraz's two.

However, 2024 should be a big year for both, and according to the legendary coach, Sinner's recent success will motivate Alcaraz to go up to another level.

"Carlos Alcaraz will go to another level in 2024 and be a Grand Slam winner, and the main reason is a guy named Sinner."

Rick Macci on X (formerly known as Twitter)

Macci has been a huge fan of Alcaraz ever since he emerged, going as far as to claim that he could end up being the greatest of all time. There are reasons for that, mostly because Alcaraz might be the best 20-year-old tennis player we have ever seen.

Never did such a young player look so complete on a tennis court, but that's just part of it. What matters most is being able to regularly outplay your rivals, and that's where Sinner comes into play.

The Italian has given Alcaraz some problems in the past, and it's going to be fascinating to see who wins their battles in 2024 and beyond.

It's also very good for tennis because other young players like Holger Rune also have something to say and those rivalries will motivate each other to become even better, much like the Big Three pushed each other to new heights.


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