Alcaraz Reveals Why His Father Recorded Djokovic's Practice Session Amid 'Spygate'

Alcaraz Reveals Why His Father Recorded Djokovic's Practice Session Amid 'Spygate'

by Balasz Virag

Carlos Alcaraz was asked about his father possibly filming the practice session of Novak Djokovic at Wimbledon, and he confirmed that it's probably true.

The Spaniard and Djokovic are probably two of the most likely winners of this event, with the Serbian being the overwhelming favourite. They had a big battle at Roland Garros recently, one Djokovic won after Alcaraz started to cramp.

Alcaraz famously admitted recently that things would be very different the next time and it seems like moves are being made towards that goal. During his press conference after the win over Holger Rune, Alcaraz was asked about reports that his father was filming a practice session of Djokovic. He didn't understand the question initially, only responding after it was translated to him in Spanish.

Oh, probably it is true. My father is a huge fan of tennis. He doesn't only watch my matches. I think he get into the club at 11 a.m., get out at 10 p.m., watching matches, watching practice from everyone. Be able to watch Djokovic in real life, yeah, probably it is true he's film the sessions.

Alcaraz on his father's action

That was an interesting admission which prompted the reporters to ask a quick follow-up whether that could be a competitive advantage to Alcaraz but he dismissed it explaining that there is plenty of footage of Djokovic out there.

I don't think so. I mean, I have a lot of videos from Djokovic on every platform. I think it's not an advantage for me.

Alcaraz will first have to beat Daniil Medvedev to get to Djokovic and that's only if the Serbian beats Jannik Sinner. The Italian gave Djokovic a lot of trouble last year and he might do so again. When it comes to Alcaraz and Medvedev, the Spaniard won easily the last time they played.


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