Alcaraz Reveals Where He Plans To Put His Roland Garros Trophy

Alcaraz Reveals Where He Plans To Put His Roland Garros Trophy

by Zachary Wimer

Carlos Alcaraz has an ever-growing trophy cabinet, and he'll have to decide where to keep the latest addition, the Roland Garros trophy.

The young Spaniard won his maiden Grand Slam trophy in 2022 at the US Open and put it in his room. He can see it every day when he wakes up, and it reminds him of that special feeling he had only dreamed about a few years before that.

He won his second Grand Slam trophy at Wimbledon last year, and he put that one in the dining room, which is like a lounge. He can see that one every day as well, which is why he put it there.

There is something nice about seeing some of the biggest trophies you ever won every day. The latest addition to his trophy cabinet is the Roland Garros trophy.

He won it fairly recently by beating Alexander Zverev in the final, and Alcaraz recently spoke to Roland Garros about his trophies, where he keeps them, and where he intends to keep this most recent one.

"At home of course, somwhere I can see it. I've got the US Open trophy in my room. I see it every day. The Wimbledon one is in the dining room, the lounge. This one I'll have to choose. I might put it next to Wimbledon. That way we'll see it every day."

Alcaraz on his trophies

It sounds like a great plan for now because we know that things will change in the future. Sooner rather than later, the Spaniard will run out of space for his trophies because he's already piled up quite an amount, and they're not particularly small.

Very likely, he'll have to come up with some new trophy arrangements. Still, it's certainly a problem that he wants to have.


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