Alcaraz Records Three Consecutive Losses For First Time In Over Two Years

Alcaraz Records Three Consecutive Losses For First Time In Over Two Years

by Evita Mueller

For the first time in two years, Carlos Alcaraz has lost three matches in a row as he added a third loss on Monday at the 2023 ATP Finals in Turin.

Carlos Alcaraz is not having a very good finish to the year, as his tennis is simply not good enough as of right now. He played pretty well at the US Open but got stunned by a vintage Daniil Medvedev performance, which robbed fans of a Djokovic-Alcaraz showdown in the final.

Since then, though, his tennis didn't get back to his top level. He played decently in China but didn't do anything of note. He then missed the start of the indoor season in Europe, pulling out of Basel because of a few physical problems that also impacted his play in Paris.

While he declared himself 100 % fit ahead of Turin, doubt still remains. The match against Zverev was pretty solid, but it was a losing effort as he couldn't figure out his opponent's serve. It would always be a tough matchup for him, considering the circumstances.

The loss was his 3rd consecutive loss, which is the first time in two years that has happened. It's obvious that he's struggling with his level right now, but that was somewhat expected. All young players have a period of struggling, so expecting Alcaraz to avoid that was unreasonable.

Holger Rune had one earlier this year, but he also turned it around. He still has a slight chance of making the semi-final, but even if he doesn't, he'll have plenty of time to prepare for the Australian Open next year properly.

He missed the event last year due to an injury so fans are hoping that this time around, things go better. Tim will tell, but for now, we can look forward to his next match against Medvedev.


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