Alcaraz & Kyrgios Cause Stir After Saudi Arabia Comments

Alcaraz & Kyrgios Cause Stir After Saudi Arabia Comments

by Zachary Wimer

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Carlos Alcaraz and Nick Kyrgios spoke about Saudi Arabia's involvement in tennis and on the ATP Tour, and fans weren't really thrilled by their words.

When it comes to sports and Saudi Arabia, one terms is often used by fans and that's sportswashing. The country is often accused of buying into sports to create a clean image despite not really great human rights record.

During the off-season in 2022, multiple players signed up for the Diriyah Tennis Cup in Saudi Arabia, and Cameron Norrie was criticized even by Amnesty International for his move. A few months later and the ATP is in official talks with Saudi Arabia to buy into tennis.

Only the discussion caused a stir among tennis fans, but once players started expressing their opinions, things got even more interesting. Andy Murray was clear about his stance, saying he would never play in the country.

His claims were supported by the likes of John McEnroe, who said that he wouldn't encourage the move. But there were also a few players that were happy about the move, and they were Carlos Alcaraz, and Nick Kyrgios, who played at the Diriyah Tennis Cup last year.

When asked about the possibility of competing in Saudi Arabia in the future during the 2023 Cinch Championships, Alcaraz said that while he doesn't know if the move will be completed, he has no doubts that he will play in the country in the future.

"And the second question, I mean, I think they have the power, you know, to have a lot of tournaments. I don't know. I have never played a tournament, an official tournament over there. But, you know, let's see how is gonna be in the future, but, well, I have no doubts that I will play over there in the future."

On the other hand, Kyrgios saw the financial benefit of Saudi Arabia's involvement as according to the Australian, thanks to new capital, players will get paid what they deserve.

Finally. They see the value. We are going to get paid what we deserve to get paid. Sign me up.

When it came to tennis fans, they weren't that thrilled by their comments, warning both Alcaraz and Kyrgios, that the country's move is an attempt of sportswashing, and that they should reconsider their initial statements.

"They see the value"?? No, it's a PR campaign for the Kingdom using blood money. I hope you reconsider.

One of the fans commented

Glad the $$ means more to you than basic human rights

Another fan added

The money is talking louder than human rights

Another fan argued

With such a controversial topic, it's difficult to say which opinion is correct and which is wrong. Everyone has a different point of view, and while some may see an attempt of sportswashing, other may see a great opportunity of being rewarded for years of hard work and sacrifice.


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