Alcaraz 'Could Become Second Most Important Tenins Player Ever' Says Wilander

Alcaraz 'Could Become Second Most Important Tenins Player Ever' Says Wilander

by Zachary Wimer

Mats Wilander is a huge believer in Carlos Alcaraz's potential, and he can see him becoming the second-most important player ever.

The former ATP player believes that Alcaraz has tremendous potential to have an impact almost as much as Roger Federer. Now, that might sound ridiculous at this point of his career, but the Swede has an argument about why that is.

Alcaraz is already globally popular, far more than the rest of the Tour and arguably maybe even as much as Novak Djokovic. That's incredible for such a young player, and his tennis skills will certainly help him reach new heights.

He might not end up impacting the sport as much as Federer did, but he can potentially be one of the most important players of the post-Federer era of tennis. That's how much Wilander likes Alcaraz.

"No, I don't believe that he can do that [be world No.1 for 400 weeks]. And when I see Carlos Alcaraz play tennis, it reminds me so much of the great Roger Federer."

Wilander to Eurosport

"Again, I normally call him [Federer] the greatest player of all time, and that has nothing to do with the statistics or the results. It has to do with what he meant for the sport, the expectations that people had."

We won't know until many years from now, but the ingredients are there. He might not end with all the records, but he may impact the next generation by the way he plays. With him, Wilander can certainly see it, which is not something that can be said about many players.

"Carlos Alcaraz is going through the same thing. I think Carlos Alcaraz could become the second most important tennis player to ever play our sport because of what he brings to the court."

"But that doesn't mean that the consistency in the rankings is going to be in the same way as a Novak Djokovic or even like a Jannik Sinner. It's not the way he plays tennis."


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