Alcaraz's Forehand The Best Ever: 'Better Than Djokovic' Says Wilander

Alcaraz's Forehand The Best Ever: 'Better Than Djokovic' Says Wilander

by Zachary Wimer

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Mats Wilander had a pretty interesting comment recently, claiming that Carlos Alcaraz has the best forehand ever; even better than Novak Djokovic

Carlos Alcaraz has only been around for a few years but the impact he left on the sport already has been tremendous. He's a two-time Grand Slam champion with a couple of huge milestones such as being the youngest number one ever.

He's also here to stay and further that legacy in the sport that he loves, with many giving him a great chance to do so. When it comes to his game, there are many fans. Wilander is one of them, and he recently claimed that the Spaniard has the best forehand ever, when talking on Eurosport.

"He’s got so many options: he can go inside out, inside in, drop shot - both ways as well. And he can loop it up the way Rafa Nadal can. You’ve got to stay away from his forehand or you’re going to have a very long day. It’s not easy for me to analyse something that I don’t understand. Alcaraz’s forehand placement is highly unusual."

The forehand is certainly one of his most devastating weapons. There are seveal highlights where he would just blast the forehand and everybody including his opponent would just freeze. He hits the ball hard but also with a good amountof control, it's pretty amazing.

"He hits the ball so hard that no one expects this kind of tennis because no one else does it, really. Djokovic is going there sometimes, but winners there are unheard of because you can stretch out and defend there much better than the backhand [wing]."

"The acceleration is incredible. In terms of technique, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a better forehand. It’s not the big, loopy Rafa, it’s better than Djokovic."


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