Alcaraz Chooses Olympic Gold Over Grand Slam In 2024 As Ultimate Achievement

Alcaraz Chooses Olympic Gold Over Grand Slam In 2024 As Ultimate Achievement

by Zachary Wimer

Carlos Alcaraz has chosen the Olympic Gold over any Grand Slam in 2024 as the ultimate goal, calling it a dream.

Alcaraz once dreamed of winning a Grand Slam trophy and achieved it two years ago at the US Open. He added another one last year at Wimbledon, and while it's still one of his main goals, 2024 has something more to offer.

There are Olympics held in Paris on clay, which is unique. As someone who grew up on clay, Alcaraz clearly fancies his chances, and he actually named it his ultimate goal for this year. Speaking ahead of the 2024 Argentina Open, Alcaraz confirmed it's a huge dream to win the gold medal for his country - Spain.

"I would say the Olympic title. For me it is a dream to bring a medal to my country, to Spain, and winning gold is one of the greatest things that can happen to you in the world of sport in general."

Every athlete dreams about the Olympic games as they are the most prestigious event you can participate in as an athlete. The Games have a national element, which certainly adds more emotion, and then the scarcity of the Games being held every four years adds another layer of prestige.

"This year, if you gave me a choice, I would say that I will keep the Olympic gold... although I would like to win both, I'm not going to lie to you either."

Paris will be Alcaraz's first Olympic Games, and that's going to be an interesting experience for him. The sheer nature of the event has Alcaraz already in ave, which is why he would pick to win a gold instead of winning a Grand Slam.

Ideally, he would want win both, of course, but he's keeping his goals for 2024 humble.


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