Alcaraz Eyes Olympics Success In Attempt To Become 'One Of The Best In History'

Alcaraz Eyes Olympics Success In Attempt To Become 'One Of The Best In History'

by Evita Mueller

Carlos Alcaraz aims to be one of the greatest ever to play tennis and is eyeing next year's Olympics as part of that quest.

The Spaniard had already done something other players that came before him failed to do. For example, he's the youngest man to become number one ever, which is quite impressive when you think about some of the players who played over the long history of the sport.

He's had a pretty good start in his quest to become one of the best. Winning two Grand Slams already is a pretty good start and puts him solidly among those capable of reaching 10+ Grand Slams.

He's motivated and works very hard, but that's only half the story. He'll need some luck and he'll need to stay healthy which has been somewhat of an issue so far in his career.

2024 is going to be a demanding year with a longer calendar due to the Olympic Games but he's excited about it because he really wants to play. He wants to win a medal, which would bolster his resume further.

"It is going to be a demanding year, it is a little more special having the Olympics. I really want to play. Trying to bring a medal to my country is what I would like the most and we are going to work to achieve it."

Alcaraz spoke in Mexico ahead of his exhibition match with Tommy Paul, as per El Universal, which was played last night. The final score was 7-6 6-3 for the Spaniard, who started his preseason early in hopes of getting ready for next year.

He missed the Australian summer last year so he's very motivated to do well this year. Wins like this will help in that regard as he aims to be one of the best ever. He knows it's a big dream, but that's how he does it - dreaming big.

"We are here to prevent him and with many other players who are capable of beating him, 2024 is going to be very intense. (I dream) of being one of the best in history, in the end, it is a big dream because in this life you have to dream big."


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