Alcaraz And Sinner Top Favourites Amid Djokovic's Injury Struggles Says Medvedev

Alcaraz And Sinner Top Favourites Amid Djokovic's Injury Struggles Says Medvedev

by Zachary Wimer

Daniil Medvedev is out of the 2024 Roland Garros, but he analyzed the remaining draw during his post-match press conference.

Medvedev didn't have the best Roland Garros, but he didn't arrive with very high expectations. The Russian dealt with a foot issue in his match against Alex de Minaur, which clearly hampered him as the match went on, and the score reflects that.

The longer he dealt with it, the more frustrated he became, which impacted his focus. He simply got crushed by a very inspired de Minaur, who is generally a tough matchup for him.

After the match, reporters asked Medvedev about how the event might unfold, and he chose Carlos Alcaraz and Jannik Sinner above the rest. Novak Djokovic has looked good, but an injury forced him to withdraw from the tournament.

"Oh, very, very tough to say. Well, you know, I always think predictions are a little bit disrespectful, because when you say someone, it's like you're a bit underestimating the other guys. But I would say that statistically -- well, I saw Novak struggling with his leg or something, so this, I don't know."

Even as a pro who has competed on the ATP Tour for years, the Russian can't point a finger and pick who will win the tournament. As one of the top seeds, he knows that nothing is guaranteed, so even if he sees the two youngsters as the top favorites, it doesn't mean that either of them will necessarily win the tournament.

"At the moment seeing Novak struggling with his leg, I would say Carlos or Jannik because they are both playing good. Jannik had a tough one yesterday but managed to come back."

"So it's just, you know, statistically, they both have a slam, they have experience. They are top 2, 3 in the world, so my opinion, Carlos or Jannik. But let's see."


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