Wimbledon Champion Vondrousova Takes Dig At WTA Amid WTA Finals Fiasco

Wimbledon Champion Vondrousova Takes Dig At WTA Amid WTA Finals Fiasco

by Evita Mueller

Everything surrounding the WTA Finals this year has been an utter shambles, and the event itself isn't looking any more promising.

For much of this year, we didn't even know where the WTA Finals will be held. It was only recently announced that it would be held in Cancun, which is convenient for the players as it will be a short trip to the beautiful beaches of the resort town should they crash out early.

Jokes aside, the WTA was heavily criticized by players for not being able to name a venue for much of the year, and when choosing one, it's far from the rest of the schedule. It almost seems like the venue was chosen at the very last moment, and considering that the venue hasn't been built yet, it kind of confirms that.

Yes, you read that right. A few days before the event starts, the venue is still actually being built. Players can't even practice on the court where they will play, having to use other courts away from that one. Mexico being hit with bad weather recently doesn't help the whole process either.

It's just been a disaster from the start, and who knows what will happen in the end. Perhaps the event goes swimmingly, and nobody ever mentions it again, but the logistics side of it has been a nightmare for players who have taken to social media to speak about it.

Elena Rybakina and Marketa Vondrousova both joked about the windy conditions that were present at the event, complicating their practices. Vondrousova even took it further by posting a photo on social media joking about the venue still being constructed.

It's a photoshopped photo with the player's heads placed on the bodies of construction workers on a construction site. It's a brilliant photo, and it's hilarious, but sadly it's also true.


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