'Wild Card? Are You Serious?': Russian Pavlyuchenkova On Wimbledon

'Wild Card? Are You Serious?': Russian Pavlyuchenkova On Wimbledon

by Alfredo Bassanelli

Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova got a great laugh when she was asked about possibly asking Wimbledon for a wild card entry.

Tennis media generally does a really good job, kinda, but they made a faux pas when they asked Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova about getting a Wimbledon wild card at this year's event. The Russian is enjoying a really good run at this year's Roland Garros beating Elise Mertens on Sunday.

She's looking to continue her good run hopefully getting as close to her career-best at the event which is a final a few years ago. That good form could certainly get her far at Wimbledon but she won't play it, unfortunately.

Last year's edition saw her banned from it due to being Russian. This year will see her unable to compete at the event due to her ranking. She wasn't ranked high enough to enter the event and explained her situation during the post-match press conference.

First of all, I have one (visa). Second of all, I'm not worried because I'm not going to Wimbledon this year, because my protected ranking allowed me to play only two Grand Slams, and Roland Garros is my second Grand Slam. So since the deadline was close before Roland Garros, even with the new ranking points that I got from Roland Garros, I'm not qualifying for Wimbledon. Because they are using my old ranking which is like 400, so there is no way I can get in. So no grass season for me this yeah.

After explaining that there will be no grass season for her, similar to fellow compatriot Mirra Andreeva who is facing a visa scare, she was then asked about possibly asking the event to give her a wild card which humoured her greatly considering the ban the event only reluctantly lifted due to heavy pressure from both the WTA Tour and threats of heavy fines.

Are you serious? Do you think after the situation last year they would give me a wild card this year? I can try and ask. Actually, you’re right, thank you. I will try and ask, and I’ll let you know in the next press conference. Fingers crossed.


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