WATCH: 'She Can't Fire Me, I'm Her Father': Tomljanovic's Dad Causes Stir Among Fans

WATCH: 'She Can't Fire Me, I'm Her Father': Tomljanovic's Dad Causes Stir Among Fans

by Zachary Wimer

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Ajla Tomljanovic's father Ratko Tomljanovic has caused some stir among tennis fans after the latest episode of Netflix's Break Point.

The 30-year-old Australian had a great 2023 season, reaching two Grand Slam quarterfinals. One of those was at Wimbledon, where she defended her participation in those stages from the previous year.

But despite having a great run, there were multiple things that prevented her from enjoying it fully. One of those was the fact that there were no points awarded to the players, causing Tomljanovic to be disappointed about her rankings and not being ranked as high as she should have been on the WTA Tour.

Another really unpleasant experience for the Australian was when she was asked about Nick Kyrgios' assault case after equalling her best-ever Grand Slam result. She was disappointed by that and prompted the journalist to do better.

And then, there was another experience that she was 'not satisfied' about and that was when her father Ratko booked her room only until Friday, which would mean a third-round or earlier exit for the Australian.

Since Tomljanovic made it to the quarterfinals, she obviously needed a hotel room for a longer period, and therefore, she faced the possible challenge of having to switch hotel rooms. With the latest episode of Netflix's Break Point, fans got a little behind the scenes at what really happened. Speaking on the show, Ratko said:

"I'm trying to find a hotel. We had a hotel till today. And now I have to find a hotel. I don't care, she can not fire me, I'm her father, so. It's not that I didn't believe that she could win this match, I just wanted to save her money. She would freak out if she has to move."

The fans were not really happy about his comments, especially in light of recent abusive relationships between parents and players on both ATP & WTA Tours. Sports journalist James Gray was among those that expressed disappointment about the scenes, stating:

"One of the most uncomfortable parts of Break Point for me. You obviously only get a snapshot but it didn’t strike me as a healthy relationship."

Many others were unhappy with what they've seen, while others defended Ratko Tomljanovic, claiming that he was only joking and that the two have obviously a good relationship. Ajla herself seemed to confirm that in the documentary, saying:

"I couldn't do it without my dad, because, he knows me the best."


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