Alcaraz 'Feels Like One Of Favourites To Win Wimbledon' After Queen's Triumph

Alcaraz 'Feels Like One Of Favourites To Win Wimbledon' After Queen's Triumph

by Balasz Virag

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Carlos Alcaraz didn't arrive in London with much hope of doing anything spectacular but he ended up with the Cinch Championships trophy.

Arriving at an event with very little hope of winning it and then ending up with the trophy is pretty impressive. When you attribute that achievement to Carlos Alcaraz you kind of understand why it happened but it doesn't diminish the fact that it's still a great achievement.

Alcaraz's doubt about being able to win the trophy was justified. He hasn't played that much on grass and he certainly wasn't that spectacular on it last year. Having the amount of talent that he does, it's obviously possible but there was a new level he had to find in order for people to give him any chances against some of the best on the surface.

But, no, honestly, yeah, I have a lot of confidence right now coming into Wimbledon. I ended the week playing at the high level. So right now I feel one of the favorites, you know, to win Wimbledon.

The triumph filled Alcaraz with a lot of confidence about his chances at the event. It's something that began to shift a few days ago when he produced a really strong effort surprising himself in the process. Still, he's not jumping the gun aware that he has still a long way to go on the grass to become as good on it as many believe he can be.

But honestly, I have to get more experience on grass. Even if I win the title, I just played 11 matches in my career on grass, so I have to get more experience, more hours. But obviously after beating amazing guys, you know, great players, and the level that I played, I consider myself one of the favorites or one of the players to be able to win Wimbledon.


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