Alcaraz Proclaims Djokovic 'Main Favourite' For Wimbledon Despite Queen's Win

Alcaraz Proclaims Djokovic 'Main Favourite' For Wimbledon Despite Queen's Win

by Alfredo Bassanelli

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Carlos Alcaraz will be the top seed at Wimbledon but he doesn't see himself as the main favourite for the event, naming Novak Djokovic instead.

Alcaraz was the top seed at Roland Garros a few weeks ago and the Spaniard was not shy about throwing his name into the favourite spot. In retrospect, it might have done more damage than good as he admitted that he put a lot of pressure on himself, pressure that might have been a factor in his flameout against Djokovic.

He's not going to repeat the same mistake this time around and generally calling himself the favourite ahead of Djokovic at Wimbledon makes no sense. The Serbian has been utterly dominant at the event for years now, so dominant that he has more wins at Wimbledon than all the rest of the top 20 ranked players combined. The Spaniard even referenced that stat when asked about Djokovic at SW19.

So I saw a statistic that Novak has won more matches in Wimbledon that the other top 20 players. What can I say about that, you know? I mean, Novak is the main favorite to win Wimbledon. That's obvious.

Even so, Alcaraz will go into Wimbledon with a lot of confidence trying to do his best. Winning Queen's certainly gives him an added boost but trying to do his best doesn't guarantee him a win and there are plenty of other good players which he referenced as well.

Well, mean, I go into Wimbledon right now with a lot of confidence. That's obvious. A lot of players are coming with a lot of confidence, like Bublik has won Halle as well. So there are a lot of great players playing on grass.

To beat Djokovic he'll need to play his best which is obvious to anybody but Alcaraz believes he can do it. He is quite certain that there will be chances for him to end up as the champion at the event but it's still Novak with the favourite tag for him.

So I have to play my best, you know, go to Wimbledon playing at this level. I will have chances, that's for sure. But I see Novak as the main favorite. Is not going to change that.


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