WATCH: Gauff Starts New Season By Jumping Off New Zealand's Tallest Building

WATCH: Gauff Starts New Season By Jumping Off New Zealand's Tallest Building

by Nurein Ahmed

For Coco Gauff, an experience to send the pulse racing ranks very high on her wish list, and she certainly had an adventurous start to the new year.

Gauff climbed to the highest point of the Sky Tower - New Zealand's tallest building and successfully completed a bungee jump. Her family members are also thrillseekers, and each one of them jumped from the 53-story-tall Auckland edifice.

The 19-year-old later revealed that his father, Corey, did not join them because of his fear of heights. Gauff shared a photo dump in which she, her mother, and her young siblings were all dressed in orange jumpsuits, ready to take on the unforgettable adventure.

The young American also included a video of the moment she was released from the top of the tower from the launching pad, and later on captioned the post on Instagram, writing, "Jumping into the new year."

Many tennis fans praised Gauff for her bravery in stepping out of her comfort zone and taking on the exhilarating bungee jumping experience. Fellow American and WTA player Alycia Parks commented on Gauff's post, to which the 19-year-old confessed to being scared.

Gauff would kick off her title defense at the WTA 250 event with a straight-set win over Claire Liu in the opening round. She is set to face a younger opponent for just the sixth time in her career at the Tour level in the second round in a match against 16-year-old Brenda Fruhvirtova.

The Atlanta native also spoke about the adrenaline she felt after winning the US Open last September, that even a spine-tingling experience of jumping off the Sky Tower could not match it, and she wants to relive it countless other times in her career.

"You can only feel that accomplishing some kind of dream. I want to keep feeling that as much as possible. It felt like a drug. I told my team I could understand how people get addicted to certain things because if that was a drug, I definitely would be chasing that feeling. So I definitely want to feel that feeling as many times as I possibly can so I'm doing everything I can to replicate it."

Gauff spoke to WTA Insider


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