WATCH: Gauff Reveals Special Gift She Got From Her Boyfriend After US Open Win

WATCH: Gauff Reveals Special Gift She Got From Her Boyfriend After US Open Win

by Evita Mueller

Coco Gauff has been sporting a necklace during the 2023 WTA Finals, and it's actually one that was a gift from her boyfriend.

Not much is known about Gauff's personal life by design, but she did open up a bit during the US Open run. She admitted after the win that she does have a boyfriend who is very supportive of her career and helped her calm the nerves before the US Open final.

He also gifted her a necklace after her US Open win, which sports the Infinity symbol. She talked a bit about that in Cancun, admitting that it was a gift from her boyfriend and something that she cares about.

She used to play with some necklace before but actually opted to put it on and play because this one actually means something to her.

My boyfriend gave this to me. Infinity. I'm sure a lot of relationhips look up to that symbol so I'm not going to explain that. He gave that to me after I won US Open.

It wasn't the best WTA Finals experience for Gauff because she failed to reach the finals. In reality, it was a pretty decent showing overall, considering the circumstances and everything around the event.

Just a year ago, the American struggled to win a match at the WTA Finals, so just missing the final is a tremendous improvement.

It's been a year of improvements generally for her as she established herself as one of the best players in the world after beating Sabalenka in the final of the US Open.

Next year will be interesting to see because many expect her to keep winning trophies and put herself in the conversation for the world number-one rank. Perhaps the boyfriend will need a few more necklaces to gift. Time will tell.


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