WATCH: Bat On Court Interrupts Gauff & Pegula During Crazy WTA Finals

WATCH: Bat On Court Interrupts Gauff & Pegula During Crazy WTA Finals

Not only do this year's WTA Finals have terrible weather, but they also have disturbing bats that interrupt play.

Yes, as if everything wasn't enough this week, there are animals stepping in and further delaying play in Cancun. This WTA Finals looked like a disaster from the very moment they were announced, and nothing that happened so far at the event dispelled that.

So let's remove the obvious ones, such as the court not being finished in time, players not being able to practice on the court on which they'll play, and the weather, which has been hurricane-lite, kind of.

We barely saw any sun this week in Cancun, but there was a lot of rain. And wind, plenty of wind. Conditions that are not fit for outdoor tennis which caused the matches to be suspended multiple times, some even 4-5 times.

One match that was suspended by rain was the match between Coco Gauff and Jessica Pegula against Vera Zvonareva and Laura Siegemenud. Before that, though, there was a bat that stopped the play briefly.

Yes, it was the start of the match, and it was a bat who elected to step in and spook Gauff a little bit as she backpedaled a few steps. Eventually, the bat stopped its rudeness and allowed play to continue, but that only lasted for about a set, after which rain stepped it to finish off the job.

That match is yet to be played and will be played later on Sunday, as the event has been pushed back a little bit. The final will be played on Monday, for example, because of bad weather, and it's just been a disaster of a week.

So much so that actually, WTA Chief Steve Simon refused to talk to the media; probably assuming that he was going to get grilled about the event. In any case, check out the bat moment below.


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