WATCH: Crazy Weather Stops Crucial Match Between Sabalenka & Rybakina At WTA Finals

WATCH: Crazy Weather Stops Crucial Match Between Sabalenka & Rybakina At WTA Finals

by Sebastian Dahlman

Elena Rybakina and Aryna Sabalenka played a crucial match at the WTA Finals on Thursday, but they'll finish on Friday because Mother Nature has gotten involved.

This is a very crucial match for the outlook of the WTA Finals because the winner will advance to the semi-finals. Rybakina bested Maria Sakkari while losing to Jessica Pegula. Sabalenka did the same, which means that this match is the one that will decide who will move on.

The opening set was won by Sabalenka, who lost to Rybakina not long ago at the China Open. The second was going much better for the Kazakhstani player, but the match was abandoned late in the second set at 5-3 for Rybakina because of the weather.

Cancun hasn't been the greatest event when it comes to the weather. The city is a coastal town which means it's rather prone to sudden changes in weather and yesterday we saw some pretty big winds and heavy rain stop the match.

A moment caught by cameras shows it really well, which you can see below. The match will resume on Friday afternoon, with the winner securing a spot in the semi-final.

Hopefully, the weather will oblige because there are two other singles matches to be played on top of this one. This is only the latest thing that affected players this week in a highly complex week that featured many logistical nightmares on top of this one.

It's not a great forecast, unfortunately, as rain is projected to fall again, so we'll see what ends up happening.

Hopefully, the event doesn't get derailed too much, but even if it does, they can finish next week because none of these players is signed to play at the Billie Jean King Cup, which begins the day after this event concludes.

Not the greatest scheduling by the WTA again.


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