Venus Williams Starts 'Working On Getting Back' After Early Wimbledon Exit

Venus Williams Starts 'Working On Getting Back' After Early Wimbledon Exit

by Balasz Virag

Venus Williams took to the social media platform Instagram to interact with fans and respond to some questions.

The former legendary player has been away from the sport for much of this year but returned on the grass recently. She played a handful of solid matches, especially in Birmingham but crashed out early at Wimbledon after running into Elina Svitolina. It wasn't a bad loss, as she actually began the match rather well but then injured herself.

The American has been on a mission this year, to prove that she's still got and she kind of did on the grass. Now it's time to carry over that level to hard courts for the US Open stretch. Speaking of tennis, Williams responded to a tennis-related question during a Q and A session on Instagram confirming that she's mostly working on getting back on the WTA Tour and playing regularly.

I am walking around doing my thing but most of the time have been off my feet but I’m working on getting back on tour.

Besides talking about tennis she also shared some of her tips for becoming a champion noting the importance of loving what you do. When it comes to Williams, it's quite clear that she absolutely loves tennis, even after all these years.

Couple of things. Champions keep going until they get it right. Second is enjoying what you do. If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, it is going to be harder to have a champion’s mentality. So find something you love ‘cause you've got put in that much work. Hopefully it's worth it.

Tips on becoming a champion

Her next event is likely going to be the Canadian Open in Montreal, as she took a wild card to enter the event. She'll join former rival Caroline Wozniacki and many other great players in the draw. The event is about a month away.


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