Venus Williams Explains Her Decision To End Season Immediately After US Open

Venus Williams Explains Her Decision To End Season Immediately After US Open

by Zachary Wimer

Venus Williams had an interesting 2023 campaign, and she shared some insight from her point of view in the latest video posted on her YouTube channel.

It's been an interesting season for Venus Williams, who played some of the best tennis she's played in a few years this year. It happened on grass and at Wimbledon, where she unfortunately slipped and hurt her knee.

That was a hugely unfortunate moment for Williams, which derailed her season. It injured her knee, which impacted every tournament she played after Wimbledon.

It also ended a really solid run for the American legend, who struggled tremendously in recent years. She talked about that in a recent video posted on her YouTube channel.

I went to Wimbledon and sadly slipped in the third game of the match and really got injured. I spent the whole summer pretty injured with my knee, like really struggling with it. I didn't want to miss US Open, made it there, but definitely not my best performance after so much time off after Wimbledon. So, I decided not to play anymore the rest of the year and just give my knee a chance to heal.

Knee injuries are pretty tough, let alone when you're over 40 and have the mileage that Williams has on a tennis court. There weren't too many big events after the US Open worth risking a more serious injury, so just stepping back and allowing her knee to fully heal made sense.

What was super interesting is once I just sat down, I felt better, I would say. After the Open, I would say maybe like four weeks later I got up, I remember it was a Sunday and I got up and I was like 'Oh my god! I'm not in pain'.

Forcing herself to play with a swollen knee made very little sense, so in that sense, it was also a pretty logical decision. We'll see when she returns to the courts, as hopefully, injuries like the most recent one won't happen anymore.


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