Tsitsipas & Badosa Spark Breakup Rumours After Latest Social Media Activity

Tsitsipas & Badosa Spark Breakup Rumours After Latest Social Media Activity

by Nurein Ahmed

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Stefanos Tsitsipas and Paula Badosa are undoubtedly tennis' preeminent power couple, but rumors of a possible breakup are swirling around the internet.

Tsitsipas and Badosa went public about their romantic relationship after the French Open in early June following weeks of speculation. The pair created a joint Instagram account 'Tsitsidosa' and attested to their dating status by updating the bio which read, 'Best friends & soulmates. Nothing less; nothing more.'

But there has been an unexpected turn of events in the last couple of days in which all previous posts and photo dump from that account has been deleted, and that certainly drew the attention of curious social media onlookers who were quick to ignite the rumors of a possible split between Tsitsipas and Badosa.

What is even of great interest in these rumors was the fact that Badosa recently visited Athens - her boyfriend's home city and shared a conveyor of images, with Tsitsipas conspicuously absent. Badosa captioned the post with a famous line from the Greek ancient philosopher Plato, saying, 'In Athens to love and to be loved is held to be a very honorable thing.'

The Spaniard has since returned to her residence in Dubai and caught up with her fellow pro Aryna Sabalenka. The two WTA stars' friendship is well documented. Badosa and the newly-minted World No. 1 appeared to enjoy some quality time together on the dining table.

They shared their get-together moment on their respective Instagram accounts, along with the caption, 'My date' to which Badosa tagged the Belarusian. There have not been any concrete sources to validate whether Tsitsipas and Badosa have decided to end their relationship.

The two players have also not officially posted any updates about their relationship for a while now, which makes the situation very peculiar in this case, since they have been very vocal about it on social media. But we cannot rule out the pair electing to go low-key on their affair, with Badosa speaking against people who were quick to judge their relationship.


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