Tomljanovic Sends Australia To United Cup Semis After De Minaur's Heroics Against Djokovic

Tomljanovic Sends Australia To United Cup Semis After De Minaur's Heroics Against Djokovic

by Zachary Wimer

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Alex de Minaur downed Novak Djokovic earlier today, giving Ajla Tomljanovic a great chance to seal Australia's place in the United Cup semi-final.

The Serbia - Australia United Cup tie was one that Australia could have won, but nobody really expected it to come this easily. Djokovic's wrist injury played a huge factor in the first match as de Minaur was able to overcome the Serbian to make this second match a must-win for the European country.

Unfortunately for Serbia, Natalija Stevanovic was not up for the task, as Ajla Tomljanovic literally destroyed her. The scoreline was 6-1 6-1 for the native Australian, and that's probably too close of a scoreline considering how one-sided this match was.

Olga Danilovic generally got the nod for Serbia in previous matches, but this time around, the choice was Stevanovic, and it was the wrong one. She never showed up in the match, as it became evident pretty early that it would not go well.

Tomljanovic jumped out to a 3-1 lead, and that was basically it. The advantage was mostly in rallies because the Serbian never really found a way to counter Tomljanovic in the rallies. In fairness, she does play her best tennis in doubles and on clay, if possible, but this was just a huge disappointment.

The first set was 6-1 for the Australian, who didn't lose a single point after her first serve in the opening set. The second one wasn't anything different as she once again smashed her opponent 6-1 to seal Australia's place in the semi-final of the United Cup.

They're looking pretty decent so far, but with some other nations like Greece and Poland looking strong as well, it's going to be tricky. In any case, it's good to see Tomljanovic healthy and back on the court.


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