'Thought Stadium Was Going To Fall Apart': Swiatek Recalls Terrible WTA Finals Conditions

'Thought Stadium Was Going To Fall Apart': Swiatek Recalls Terrible WTA Finals Conditions

by Erik Virostko

Iga Swiatek was one of the players who had a terrible experience at the 2023 WTA Finals, and she recently mentioned it in Indian Wells.

The Polish player was on the back foot for the vast majority of the 2023 season when it came to the race for the world no. 1 spot, but at the last minute, she managed to overtake Aryna Sabalenka, also thanks to winning the 2023 WTA Finals in Cancun.

Although Swiatek has been the best player in the world for the past two years, she would also agree that her victory in Cancun didn't come only as a result of her incredible tennis qualities, but also a bit of luck due to the crazy conditions.

Not only was the arena built at the last minute, but the court was also in terrible condition, and the matches were often interrupted due to heavy rains or winds.

Despite all of that, the situation was seemingly never worse than what happened recently at the 2024 Indian Wells Open, when a match between Carlos Alcaraz and Alexander Zverev had to be suspended because of a bee invasion.

It all happened after the Polish player finished her match and sat in the press conference room to discuss her most recent victory, which came after her opponent, Caroline Wozniacki, retired from the match.

"I'm glad I'm not there anymore. That's crazy. There was nothing like 30 minutes ago. I would run away. That's pretty dangerous, you know. Oh, my God, this camera is high and it's there? That's why the match is not starting?"

As Swiatek watched the situation unfold on the TV screens in the press conference room, she was asked about the strangest experience on the tennis court, and the world no. 1 immediately remembered the 2023 WTA Finals.

"The strangest? I mean, the whole Cancun situation was pretty strange. I thought honestly the stadium was going to fall apart when I was in the middle of it. I'm happy that it didn't."

The Pole also remembered a few instances when fans in the attendance were too drunk and disrupted the match, but as weird as that may be, it's relatively normal when it comes to late-night tennis matches.

"There were some drunk people in Melbourne once when I played my first Australian Open, I think, pro, and in Miami, but that's not strange, I guess. I mean, it's entertainment. But yeah, they were shouting and it was visible that they were drunk. But that was fine. I mean, I'm fine with that."


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