'This Decision Wasn't Easy': Venus Williams' Brand EleVen Pausing Operations

'This Decision Wasn't Easy': Venus Williams' Brand EleVen Pausing Operations

by Zachary Wimer

Venus Williams has a lot going on, but unlike her comeback, her business venture will come to a halt for the time being.

Venus Williams, much like her sister Serena Williams, is staying busy in her life. It's not just tennis, but also various business ventures, in Venus' case directly connected to fashion. She combined those two for her venture EleVen, which even made kits for her in last year's comeback.

According to the latest reports, for now, the business will halt all operations since they want to reassess the most important parts of the business, such as strategies and brand experience.

Those are at least the reasons given by Venus Williams in a letter where she announced that the brand is pausing operations for the time being.

"This pause is not a farewell but a see you soon. We are dedicated to embodying our credo, 'Be your best self,' and this break will allow us to do just that. ... Your support has inspired me personally, and I’m excited to come back and continue the journey together."

Even despite her brand stopping for the time being, the experienced American will continue her comeback in an attempt to compete on the WTA Tour again. That's been her focus in recent months, and she's getting closer to that every week.

The decision to stop her brand for now was very tough on Williams because she was really excited when it launched. It was truly a passion project for her, and the audience she built only proves that.

"This decision wasn't easy, but it's a crucial step towards ensuring that we come back stronger and better than ever. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support and loyalty to the EleVen brand. Your commitment means the world to us."


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