Swiatek's Psychologist Once Again Under Fire After Careless Episode In Tokyo

Swiatek's Psychologist Once Again Under Fire After Careless Episode In Tokyo

by Sebastian Dahlman

Iga Swiatek's psychologist is once again in the headlines as fans are accusing her of not caring about what happens on the court when her player competes.

Daria Abramowicz is not particularly liked among tennis fans, even though Iga Swiatek described her as an integral part of the team. The Polish player indeed transformed herself into a really strong player once she started working with a sports psychologist, so it's hard to deny the positive impact she had.

Even so, ever since a specific scene from the Break Point Netflix show emerged, fans have been outraged by Abramowicz. Swiatek defended her psychologist, then explained that the clip was cut to make it more dramatic, which might be, but it was still odd.

In any case, the duo are still going strong as Abramowicz was with Swiatek at the 2023 Japan Open in Tokyo for the Polish player's return to the WTA Tour, and it wasn't a very good time. Swiatek ran into an inspired Veronika Kudermetova and was beaten.

During that match, the cameras showed Abramowicz, but she was looking at her phone, seemingly disinterested in what was happening on the tennis court. As you can imagine, fans weren't happy, attacking her for being careless.

"I’m sorry but this is pissing me off. idk if iga requests this but when your player is down why are you on your phone and looking away when you could be trying to cheer her up. not even making an effort to act like you care."

A fan's reaction on X (Twitter)

Fan frustration is nothing strange, it's normal, it's fandom, after all, but Abramowicz probably didn't spend the entire match on her phone. It's one frame or a few frames and hardly warrants an entire tirade. That reaction wasn't the only one, as fans expanded their protests against her entire team, which they described as unsupportive.


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