Swiatek Vows To Be 'Better Prepared If She Becomes World No. 1 Again'

Swiatek Vows To Be 'Better Prepared If She Becomes World No. 1 Again'

by Sebastian Dahlman

Iga Swiatek is not number one on the WTA Tour right now but if she does become it again, she'll be better prepared with what comes with it.

Iga Swiatek was number one for much of this year after rising to the spot last year. It resulted from several things, including the reigning world number Ashleigh Barty hanging it up.

Nobody can dispute that Swiatek earned it because she was utterly spectacular once she became world number one. She was number one for over a year, making her the longest-serving world number one out of all active players.

Even so, all good things come to an end, and she lost her number one rank to Aryna Sabaelnka after some disappointing results lately. She returned to winning ways at the China Open, earning plenty of points and cutting the lead of the Belarusian in the standings.

Their battle for number one will be very exciting to see, and Swiatek certainly hopes to return there one of these days. If she does, she'll be far better prepared for it this time, as she learned plenty of lessons while being number one for over a year.

I would say if I would become World No. 1 again, for sure I think I would be kind of more prepared for everything. It's not like I would change some things exactly, but I would know how to deal with them at this point.

I think if I learn and take lessons from it, it's going to be easier. But for sure the first thing is getting there. I'll just try to do that. For now, step by step. I'll just celebrate this trophy.

We'll see how it goes. There is one event both will play until the end of the year - the WTA Finals and it's a big one. Plenty of points and a trophy up for grabs.


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