Swiatek Refrains From Harshly Criticizing WTA Amid WTA Finals Court Fiasco

Swiatek Refrains From Harshly Criticizing WTA Amid WTA Finals Court Fiasco

by Evita Mueller

Iga Swiatek started off her WTA Finals with a win but refrained from harshly criticizing the WTA for the court conditions that other players have called out.

Aryna Sabalenka was the loudest in criticizing the WTA for the conditions, calling the court unsafe and very inconsistent with its bounce. She's not the only player who had some things to say about it, but Iga Swiatek opted against that.

She's not really that shy about speaking her mind, at least, she didn't in the past. She criticized the WTA in the past for some things but refrained from any harsh words this time around

She backed up her colleagues, explaining that the situation was not ideal for anybody, but she's choosing to focus on her tennis and not the other things.

Obviously, it’s not a positive thing for any of us. I think the main thing is not focusing on that & just doing your job. Sometimes it bounces weirdly on clay & grass as well. I try to think in that perspective & just do my job. For sure, it’s not comfortable.

Swiatek on the tennis court.

What Swiatek did call out in her post-match press conference was the fact that the court wasn't ready on time, giving the players only one chance to practice on the court on which they'll play all of the matches. That's certainly unacceptable, and Swiatek agreed with that.

The fact we also didn’t have time to practice on this court, you know. But at the end it doesn’t really matter because all of us have the same court and the same conditions.

The first match was a bit complicated for her as Vondrousova gave her some problems, but she won the opening set in the tiebreak and then smashed her opponent in the second set.


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