Swiatek 'Might Win Six or Seven Wimbledons' Says Wilander

Swiatek 'Might Win Six or Seven Wimbledons' Says Wilander

by Alex Waite

Iga Swiatek's record on grass surfaces has been defended by Mats Wilander, who also feels the Polish player can win multiple Wimbledon titles.

In 2023, Swiatek has cemented her place at the top of the WTA Rankings following a third career Roland Garros title in June. The win followed another clay court victory at the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix and a hard court victory at the Qatar Open earlier in the 2023 season.

Yet, the world number one's record on grass is less impressive, as Swiatek has won just five of her 11 previous matches before the in-progress Bad Homburg Open. However, when speaking to Eurosport, seven-time Grand Slam champion Wilander said Swiatek's grass record should not hold back the 22-year-old's all-around tennis talent, nor her ability to win Wimbledon.

"She is most probably feeling very similar to a lot of ‘us’ that went to Wimbledon that were seeded amongst sort of the first two or three or four. And on paper, we feel that, hey, ‘I should have a chance."

Wilander told Eurosport

"But not every year did I go in thinking I have a chance to win Wimbledon. But there were a few years when I thought, ‘oh, I'm one of the three or four favourites’. And I think Iga is most probably past that feeling where ‘I hope and I wish that I'm going to be a great grass court player, that I feel comfortable playing on this surface."

Also, Wilander stated that Swiatek's own admission earlier this season that she has struggled on grass shouldn't be proof that the world number one is unable to compete at Wimbledon. In fact, the former Swedish ATP player says Swiatek is only likely to get better on grass.

“She's going to learn how to play better on it. Is she ever going to be a better grass court player than a clay court player? No. Is she going to be a better grass court player than a hard court player? Most probably not. That doesn't mean she can't win the tournament."

"So, I think for her, the dream might not be there where ‘I might win six or seven Wimbledons’, but she knows that the dream is alive. ‘I can win Wimbledon. I know how to play on a grass court."


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