Serena Williams opens up about how Olympia wants her to be aware that she's already retired

Serena Williams opens up about how Olympia wants her to be aware that she's already retired

by Sebastian Dahlman

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After 'evolving away from tennis', Serena Williams can spend all her time with her daughter Olympia and she revealed a few of their funny encounters recently.

Despite not being present on the tennis courts anymore, Serena Williams still finds ways to fill her schedule and there is no doubt that she has a lot of work also outside of courts. That is something that her daughter Olympia doesn't really like as the American recently joked about how she reminds her about the fact that she already retired from tennis.

"She wants to make sure that I'm aware that I should have time on my hands and I need to spend more time with her," Serena said when talking to host Janine Rubenstein during the latest episode of PEOPLE Every Day, laughing. "I'm always like, 'Olympia, I'm not working now.' She's like, 'Yeah, you don't play tennis!' She's like, 'Yes!' And I don't really quite know how to feel about that!"

Speaking more about how she handles being a mother after retiring from professional tennis and enjoying precious time with her daughter Olympia, the 23-time Grand Slam champion said:

"It's funny ... but it's good because little kids really want to be with their parents. And I just feel fortunate that she wants to be with me. That's kind of how I look at it, [because] she could feel a different way, and I'm glad she doesn't."

"It's like a conversation now! I'm like, Wait, this is so weird, because you've just been so used to baby talk and now it's just like conversations," she said. "She's telling me about her feelings the other day and I'm just like, Um, okay, this kid has feelings and she understands. I'm like, When did you learn that word?! You know, it's just a completely different experience."


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